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When I was in primary school I got a 5mpx little camera and fell in love with it.
I was taking pictures of everything. Literally, everything.

In my high school years, when smartphones became having fairly good quality cameras, I started to collect money to afford one. Took a lot of time, but I have made it. Started to photograph and film everything. Literally, everything. It was an obsession. I have created a video about my high school with my friends and it took off then.

After two years of making just fun little videos I got a phone call and did my first paid video.
It was many years ago. Now I’m working as a full time freelance filmmaker and photographer for various brands, companies and initiatives.

I love creating visuals and putting them together so other people can see what I see.
As cliche as this may sound - I love telling stories and capturing moments. Some things may exist just for

a few seconds and be gone forever. In these cases, nothing is more satisfying than being able to hit replay.


Over the years I have gathered a solid team of professionals who are everything from filmmakers, photographers and fpv pilots to extreme sports athletes, dancers and musicians.

If you want me/us to create an extraordinary visual story for you or your brand - do not hesitate to contact me.

First in the history official video editor and filmmaker

for Red Bull Poland, 2018-2020.

Based in Warsaw, Poland.
Working world wide.

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Dziękujemy! Wiadomość wysłana.

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