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Open'er Festival 2016 | no cameras allowed

People get drunk on every weekend. Nothing new. People dance, people have fun together, people enjoy music everyday. Eazy. People meet people, people make new friends. People don't need anything special to do all those things. But to really feel it, to really get this vibe you need to gather all those people in one place and be one of them.

Yea, that's true guys, that's a bigass truth! And you know what? 120,000 people in one place together, to have fun with one another didn't leave me anything to say. Despite the fact that regulations of Open'er clearly say "you can't bring your camera into the festival area", I packed it all up because I had an amazingly clever plan in my head. Smuggle it!

The first day was just to check how everything works (gates, security and all that stuff). I'm still alive, with both hands, legs and fingers, so you can easily sum up that next 3 days of the festival went well! They really did.

Smuggling was fun. Although, we've been spending 30 minutes in the car everyday before crossing the gates packing up lenses and camera body into boxers and bras, but hey, that was fun aswell, haha. Later on it was all chilled. I haven't had that big, fancy badge "MEDIA" but I had my camera what means, hey this guy is legal, he got it here so he must be legal.

The funniest and craziest moment was Red Hot Chilli Peppers's concert. I was there, I mean there, where the crowd started waving from left to right 20 minutes before the artists arrived on the stage. That was madness. I had my camera in right hand (no wrist strap), and my backpack in left hand somewhere between my legs, or not mine. Sweat was dripping from my face. It wasn't necessarily my sweat. The only way to keep the lens not steamy was holding it high above my head. People have been saying that I was insane bringing my camera there, but come one guys, the shots I got are sickkkkk.

That was my first Open'er. Definately see you next year! Anyway, don't break rules guys. Unless you desire some dope frames. Check out the video I made! Try to find your face!


Have you broken any rules recently? Inspire me! Follow me on FB and instagram to join the adventure, thanks!

Thanks to my team Kamila, Nikos, Ali (he took this photo). Huge up for my cousin Adam and friend Weronika for giving such cozy places to sleep! 5! AdamChill

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